Feb. 24th, 2011

nofaves: (GQMFHCDB)
I am tired of riding the 'Which Penguin Will Get Hurt Tonight?' Speeding Locomotive Of Doom. First, all but a handful of our forwards ended up on the shelf, and now, the Reaper has begun his assault on our defensemen. The only silver lining that I can see coming from this is that the Pens now firmly believe that no amount of adversity is stronger than they are. I am so damned proud of them -- win or lose, they never stop battling and working.

I suppose that it's also good that enough cap money has been freed up so that Ray could swing the Neal/Niskanen trade -- no way that happens if Geno or Sid stayed healthy. But now? All you injured guys, get better liek nao. I can't wait to see what a complete team does with the quadruple dose of adversity they've been force-fed!
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