Nov. 6th, 2011 12:25 am
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And yes, to no one's surprise, this is computer-related.

The HP laptop died an ignominious death, mourned fiercely by Yours Truly. Hubby had no sympathy for laptop-less me, having become attached to the one I gave him. I had no choice but to start shopping for a replacement.

My immediate budget was $200-250, but if I waited another week or two, I could raise another $50. So I hit ebay, essentially looking for a replacement for the HP (Dual Core, 4 GB of RAM, 320 GB hard drive. After about a week of searching and Google research, I found one I was happy with: an Acer 5730z/5330 for $219 plus shipping. YAY!

My Googling turned up no issues with the model or the brand, so I patiently awaited its arrival, its nice shiny tracking number showing me that it was due to be delivered today. Watched as it arrived at my local post office a little after 8:00 am, was processed and sent out for delivery. Waited all day for the mail carrier to arrive on my doorstep.

Finally, around 5:00 pm, I hit the USPS site to check status -- and a "notice left" was the last entry, at 4:00 pm! Pissed me off for two reasons: one, that they blew off attempting to deliver and went with the notice thing; and two, THAT I NEVER GOT A NOTICE. Which means either someone else got my pick-up notice (for a rather valuable package!) or the mail carrier didn't bother delivering that notice either.

I will be in my post office bright and early Monday morning, printout and ID in hand, and my computer better be there.
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