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I'm disappointed. Sad. And I think the Pens got exactly what they deserved.

My tag line for the Pens for the last five years has been "Believe." And last year at this time, I still believed. Couldn't wait till October when we'd have (what I expected to be) "a completely healthy roster." It wasn't to be, of course, but it seemed that the ship righted itself at just the right time, making us the Cup favorites.

Now it's over. My earrings are back in the box, awaiting next season. And for the first time in years, I think I have a new tag line for this team.

"Prove it."

Prove that the fans who cheer you till they're hoarse, who spend a good percentage of their income on tickets, apparel and merchandise, who BELIEVE in you -- prove that their faith is warranted.

Prove that Sidney is still the best in the world. Prove that Geno is, too. Prove that Flower can not only win, but put his stats up against any goalie in the league. Prove that Dan Bylsma's up-tempo, high-energy system is first and foremost a blueprint for keeping the puck far far from your own net.

Starting this summer, commit yourselves to proving that you're the best. For the last five years, I have believed in you. Prove that I'm not wrong.
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