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2012-04-24 11:47 am
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I haven't stopped believing.

I'm disappointed. Sad. And I think the Pens got exactly what they deserved.

My tag line for the Pens for the last five years has been "Believe." And last year at this time, I still believed. Couldn't wait till October when we'd have (what I expected to be) "a completely healthy roster." It wasn't to be, of course, but it seemed that the ship righted itself at just the right time, making us the Cup favorites.

Now it's over. My earrings are back in the box, awaiting next season. And for the first time in years, I think I have a new tag line for this team.

"Prove it."

Prove that the fans who cheer you till they're hoarse, who spend a good percentage of their income on tickets, apparel and merchandise, who BELIEVE in you -- prove that their faith is warranted.

Prove that Sidney is still the best in the world. Prove that Geno is, too. Prove that Flower can not only win, but put his stats up against any goalie in the league. Prove that Dan Bylsma's up-tempo, high-energy system is first and foremost a blueprint for keeping the puck far far from your own net.

Starting this summer, commit yourselves to proving that you're the best. For the last five years, I have believed in you. Prove that I'm not wrong.
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2012-04-17 09:12 am

Thought on the Eve of Destruction

Anyone who knows my default icon knows that I never give up on the Pens. Songs like "It's Not Over" and "I Believe in You (Je crois en toi)" are in my GoList and get the most play at this time of year.

This morning, the perfect song came on for tomorrow, and all the tomorrows the Pens will earn afterward. We haven't lost ourselves yet.

Meant To Live )
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2012-03-30 03:12 pm

(no subject)

If you ever get the chance, watch a cooking show with my son. He's a big fan of MST3K/Rifftrax, and has a talent for riffing.

Giada is making some dessert called "magic bars" and Ian has imagined a variation of hash brownies. I haven't stopped laughing for ten minutes.
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2012-02-10 02:48 pm

(no subject)

Grr. Snarl. Fierce sounds.

I am mired in the worst slump since, like, ever. Nothing inspires me.

Used to be that I could go back into my archives and read some of my old stuff to get the juices flowing, but that has now come up dry.

On the lighter side, at least Jordan's back from his stay on the LTIR. I have to work tomorrow, so I won't get to see him play, but I'm just glad he's back.
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2011-12-23 10:15 pm
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Riots. Over shoes.

I don't get it.

All across the USA, people stood in long lines in hopes of being able to spend around $200 for a pair of sneakers.

That's it. I don't want to hear one more news story that the economy is weak. Not when luxury items like limited edition basketball shoes incite people to spend hours waiting in line to buy them.

(By the way, if some department store offered a pair of Jimmy Choos for $100, I'd have to think long and hard whether or not to spend that much on a pair of shoes, and you better believe I'd never queue for hours while I thought about it.)
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2011-12-21 02:32 pm

Pizza Hut Wing Wednesdays

Je l'aime beaucoup.

(Woulda been better if my son had offered to pick up the tab, but I enjoyed the walk in the nearly SIXTY degree temps.)

Seriously, if your Pizza Hut does this, it's worth taking advantage of.
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2011-11-08 05:14 pm

A new week dawns...

...and with it, JOY!

(Yeah, we'll pretend the week started on Monday, since the Steelers crapped all over Sunday.)

Cut to spare yinz. )
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2011-11-06 12:25 am
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2011-10-11 11:58 pm


Yeah, not so much.

I mentioned that getting my new (to me) laptop was like winning a sweepstakes. Now I kinda feel like I won a spot on the Survivor Island.

A couple of days ago, it didn't wake up when I opened it. Hey, it's a computer. It happens.

Yesterday I woke up, started it up and I got nothing. (Worse, at the time, my cable modem was showing like two lights, so no web.) I futzed about with it, managed to get it to start up after about forty-five minutes. But I had a sinking feeling that things were about to get ugly.

Today I got home from work, booted it up, popped upstairs to get out of my work clothes and into game gear, and when I got back, I had a backlit blank screen. After a couple of tries, I got it to boot, but it actually blanked while I was online.

Started it again and again, surfed a while without incident, but when I decided to start up a little game, it blanked again.

Repeat, got it going, tried a different game, boom. Now it won't boot at all.
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2011-10-06 11:55 pm

Even though hockey season started tonight...

...something else put a smile on my face last week.

I spent a grand total of $115 and now own a 10 megapixel digital camera and an HP laptop. No, I didn't join one of those bid-a-penny auction sites -- I found the Kodak C180 on clearance ($40!) at my local Walgreens, and my daughter's boyfriend sold me his mom's old dv4-1155se FOR SEVENTY-FIVE BUCKS YAY. Seriously, it's everything I wanted in a computer. Feels like winning a sweepstakes!

Now if the Boys can hang tough for one more period...!
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2011-08-20 06:34 pm

(no subject)


Tennessee was wonderful! The weather was off-the-charts great, the crowds at Dollywood were nearly non-existent on Monday, and I got to do and see all I wanted to while I was there.

Pics later, when I get the good ones sorted, but this is where I stayed:

Our cabin
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2011-04-27 11:06 pm
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I believed.

I still believe.

But the Pens aren't going to be traveling to DC in a few days to take on the number one seed in the East. The Lightning are.

The power play problems we had all year? They cost us the series.

Now, no disrespect to Dwayne Roloson -- he never lost his composure, and he was the sole reason we aren't facing the Caps. And the Lightning defense was smothering and frustrating.

But all the injuries to key players may just be the opportunity the Pens needed to build for the future. Because of Sid's and Geno's half-season salaries being slid right off the cap, we were able to deal for young talented winger James Neal. Now he took a ton of criticism, but all I have been able to think about since the playoffs started was how good he'll look after a full camp, teamed with Sid the playmaker.

I entered this playoff year in a most unusual situation: excited for the postseason possibilities, yet thrilled with the idea of having a complete healthy roster in October.

That second idea is my comfort now.
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2011-04-22 06:26 pm
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A meme yoinked from [ profile] belial


Not as easy as you might think! Now change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It's really hard to only use one word answers.

Where is your cell phone? TABLE
Your hair? BROWN
Your mother? DEAD
Your father? TOUGH
Your favorite thing? PENGUINS
Your dream last night? NONE
Your favorite drink? COFFEE
What room are you in? LIVING
Your hobby? WRITING
Your fear? WATER
Where do you want to be in 6 years? HAPPY
Where were you last night? HOME
Something that you aren't? DEPRESSING
Wish list item? LOTTERY
Last thing you did? ATE
What are you wearing? BLUE
Your pets? CAT
Friends? YEP
Your life? FULL
Your mood? UPLIFTED
Missing someone? OCCASIONALLY
Drinking? COFFEE
Eating? FISH
Your car? TAURUS
Something you're not wearing? SHOES
Your favorite store? BORDERS
Your favorite color? BLACK
When is the last time you cried? APRIL
Who will participate in this? UNKNOWN
Where do you go over and over? CHURCH
Five people who email me regularly? MERCHANTS
My favorite place to eat? RESTAURANTS
Favorite place I'd like to be right now? NYC
Four people I think will respond: FRIENDS
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2011-03-26 02:21 pm
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30 Days of Hockey Meme -- Day Four -- Dream Roster (past or present players)

(This is why I don't do NaNoWriMo. I can't do anything on schedule for a month.)

When I looked over this meme, the only entry I didn't even want to bother with was this one. It's like picking flowers. Roses or lilacs? Azeleas or morning glory? I love them all. So, to keep my interest, we're just gonna do a lineup, rather than a full roster.

Dream Lineup )
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2011-03-25 07:38 am
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30 Days of Hockey Meme -- Day Three -- Favorite Hockey Tradition

Oops. Got so busy watching the Pens last night that I forgot to post. So I'll get back on track this way: Day Three this morning before I head to work, Day Four at some point tonight.

I really went back and forth on this one. I love that there are unofficial 'rules' for an activity that is not a legal play on the ice -- hell, I love that fighting exists in hockey and hasn't been pushed out as it has in other sports.

I also love the handshake line at the end of a playoff series. In fact, it's the moment I particularly want to watch on TV between any two teams.

But the tradition that stands out for me revolves around this:

That shiny silver Cup, not the shiny French defenseman )
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2011-03-23 02:03 pm
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30 Days of Hockey Meme -- Day Two -- Favorite Player(s)

See this fine specimen of man?

That's him now, but this pic is more appropriate:

Number Ten in your program, Number One in your heart... )
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2011-03-22 11:34 am
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30 Days of Hockey Meme -- Day One -- Favorite Team

OK, before we move on, I decided to totally yoink this meme from [ profile] belial, once I realized I could end up hijacking her entries with my own long comments.

So no one who knows me or reads my LJ could mistake the fact that I love these boys:

Cut to save my flist )
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2011-03-20 04:15 pm
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I hate Matt Cooke haters.

That being said, at the moment, Cooke earns my white-hot wrath. He plays too close to the edge, and no matter how much talent he has or how well he does his job, once in a while he makes the dumbest decision possible.

All the media in the hockey world can talk about is head shots. All they want to know is when Sid will recover from his head shot-induced concussion and return to the lineup. So, of course, Matt Cooke will lose his mind and throw a People's Elbow into the face of Ryan McDonagh.

How could such a nice guy turn into such an awful excuse for a human being in milliseconds? By his thoughtlessness, he has heaped shame on an organization and on a fanbase that has shown him nothing but respect.

All I can think of to end my rant is an adulterated quote from Fast Times at Ridgemont High:

"You know, Matt Cooke, I always stick up for you. They say oh, Matt Cooke that cheapshot artist - and they say that a lot. I say oh, no you just don't know Matt Cooke. I mean when they call you an idiot, I say Matt Cooke's not an idiot. Well, you know something? Maybe they know you pretty good. Maybe I'm just starting to find out."
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2011-02-24 11:24 am
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Could we stop this train?

I am tired of riding the 'Which Penguin Will Get Hurt Tonight?' Speeding Locomotive Of Doom. First, all but a handful of our forwards ended up on the shelf, and now, the Reaper has begun his assault on our defensemen. The only silver lining that I can see coming from this is that the Pens now firmly believe that no amount of adversity is stronger than they are. I am so damned proud of them -- win or lose, they never stop battling and working.

I suppose that it's also good that enough cap money has been freed up so that Ray could swing the Neal/Niskanen trade -- no way that happens if Geno or Sid stayed healthy. But now? All you injured guys, get better liek nao. I can't wait to see what a complete team does with the quadruple dose of adversity they've been force-fed!
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2010-10-26 10:08 am

(no subject)

Missed my first period (that wasn't pregnancy-related). I'm not sure how I feel about that.