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(This is why I don't do NaNoWriMo. I can't do anything on schedule for a month.)

When I looked over this meme, the only entry I didn't even want to bother with was this one. It's like picking flowers. Roses or lilacs? Azeleas or morning glory? I love them all. So, to keep my interest, we're just gonna do a lineup, rather than a full roster.


The old argument used to be Mario or Gretzky, right? Easy answer for a Penguins fan. But now the question has morphed: Mario or Sid?

Kinda gotta go with history on this one. Still Mario. But when Sid's career is over and we're all reminiscing, opinion might change.

Right Wing

The Rocket, sans la question. Maurice Richard played at a time when players didn't get rich. He also played in Canada as a second-class citizen, as French-Canadians were at that time. He did so with talent, poise and grace. If you don't believe me, watch the film The Rocket.

Left Wing

This was also easy. The argument is Bobby Hull vs. Luc Robitaille, and since it's MY dream roster, I'll take Lucky Luc.


This one's easy. First: Nick Lidstrom. The man still plays at an elite level at forty, mainly because the talent required to play that position doesn't dull with age. Just ask Chris Chelios -- it's not the talent that gives out, it's the body.

Second: Bobby Orr. Although I am old enough to have seen him play, I wasn't into hockey as a child, so I didn't. But what I've read about him, he revolutionized the position. Age didn't have the chance to knock him out of the game -- injury took care of that.


This one is from the heart. Martin Brodeur has all the records and stats, but MY goalie is Marc-André Fleury. I have believed in him from the time this current team made it back to the playoffs in 2007. And as rough as he had it last season, I have no doubt that his talent and heart (or ahem Hart!) will lead us back to a championship.

And since we're doing a dream team, I'll just have fun and name his backup: Kenny Wregget.
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