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Riots. Over shoes.

I don't get it.

All across the USA, people stood in long lines in hopes of being able to spend around $200 for a pair of sneakers.

That's it. I don't want to hear one more news story that the economy is weak. Not when luxury items like limited edition basketball shoes incite people to spend hours waiting in line to buy them.

(By the way, if some department store offered a pair of Jimmy Choos for $100, I'd have to think long and hard whether or not to spend that much on a pair of shoes, and you better believe I'd never queue for hours while I thought about it.)
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I'm kinda getting pissed off at the idiots who think deporting illegal aliens is an OMG! Crime Against Humanity.

And it doesn't stop there. They have this problem with the decades-old term "illegal alien" or the truncated "illegal", because they say it's "dehumanizing." Wah wah wah. I'm sure they sleep so much better at night knowing that they refer to these people as simply "undocumented." And I'm sure those poor bastards who think that laws simply apply to other people sleep so much better with the kinder, gentler label.

But I'm also convinced that those who have no problem opening our borders to all would also have no problem opening their home to all. They'd be perfectly cool with some homeless guy shuffling into their kitchen, making a sandwich and relaxing on their back porch. It'd make their day to have a handful of strangers decide to use their garage as a place to camp for the weekend (or maybe longer, if they like the neighborhood!). And that credit rating they've worked so hard to achieve? Surely they'd understand if a single mom who's been turned down for credit simply used their card to pay her rent.

Arizona Republicans may have been short-sighted by alienating (no pun intended) Latino voters. But I have a tough time rousing sympathy for people who break the law, just as I'd have a tough time rousing sympathy for a stranger sleeping on my front porch without my permission. I'd expect the police to TAKE THE BUM AWAY.
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I know all the crap about IE being the world's worst browser. But still, I became addicted to one of its clones -- Avant. Loved the interface. Loved the customizable toolbars. And said toolbars were so small that they didn't interfere much with the main window.

Now today, I have to get used to a new browser (Firefox) because IE ended up with some weird settings that doubled the size of the pages being viewed. [Michelle excuses herself briefly for a short, sharp, violent exclamation]

Damn, double damn, and an extra slice of DAMN for afters!!!

OK. I feel better now. Really. I do.

I can't uninstall/reinstall Avant, or I'll lose a couple of years worth of bookmarks. I can't make Firefox's toolbars any smaller, or eliminate the one in the center I really don't need.

On the brighter side, though... I shelled out the bux for a paid account YAY!! I had about six icons I wanted to use, so now I can.
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