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If you could see me, you'd be looking at one very happy woman. My Beloved Penguins are not relocating to Kansas City or Las Vegas! The deal is done!!

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Well, we did it. The Boys won it for Coach Cowher, for the Rooney family, for the fans back in Pittsburgh, and for The Bus, who announced his retirement after the game.

I still can't believe it!!!

Steelers 21, Seahawks 10, in a game that was much much closer than the score indicates. The Seahawks played hard, but fell victim to the Penalty Demons.

Hines Ward is the MVP, but I was rooting hard for Antwaan Randle-El. (Despite my chosen icon!!!) I don't know that I could choose a single Most Valuable Player. I consider our defense to be the defining factor in this game. Without their execution, the score is lopsided the other way.

The funniest post-game stat? At last check, fifty-nine local school districts have called in two-hour delays for Monday morning. Only in Pittsburgh... :D
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An old fight song, to be sure, but one I have scrupulously avoided hearing and singing this year. Until it came true.

We're driving The Bus home to Detroit in two weeks, for his first Super Bowl and possible final NFL appearance.

I know I should have been blogging all of this all along, but I'm way too superstitious for that. I was so afraid that anything I did differently would affect the fragile playoff karma!

Seriously, though -- I have never seen a more dominating playoff performance than the one the Black and Gold put on the past three weeks. From decisively beating the Bengals, to getting and holding leads against the two best teams in the AFC. We ROCK.

The only thing left to hope for is a very lopsided win in the Seattle/Carolina game, leading that team (which at press time appeared to be Seattle) to be declared the favorite. We've been the underdog all post-season, and I think we feed on that "no one thinks we can win" mentality.

I won't make a prediction (yeah, another one of those superstitions!), but I like our chances. GO STEELERS!!!!!!!
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Why do I watch my two favorite sports?

Why do I clutch my pillow hard enough to rip the stitches during a power play? Why do I stop breathing during a penalty kill? Why do I plop myself inches from the TV screen during a red-zone charge, using my body english to virtually propel a running back through a defensive line?

I love football. I love hockey. (Oh DAMN, am I glad it's back!!)

But I love winning more, it seems.

My beloved Penguins have lost yet another game in overtime, bringing their season total to three OT losses. Sure, we nab a point for reaching the end of regulation with a tie score, but in the end, we come off the ice beaten.

So what am I doing now? Watching the Steelers on Monday Night Football, of course!

Go Stillers!!!!!

edit: Steelers win, but we lose Ben at the end... I can breathe again!
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