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So grateful for the little things in life.

Our power went out around midnight on Friday, once about eight inches had fallen. Hey, we're tough -- we can survive a few hours without light and heat! We'll just go to bed and they'll fix it overnight!

[cue buzzer]

Saturday morning, my silly stir-crazy cat Jen jumps on my feet around six am. I discover what time it was by looking at my wrist watch, as my alarm clock is still black. And when I go downstairs to let the cat out, SURPRISE! About a foot and a half of snow greets us! (OK, it greets me. Totally REPELS Jen. Pauvre p'tite chatte.)

All morning, no one could tell us how long the power was to be out. What they could say was that it was expected to drop to single digit temps that night, so staying in our heat-free home might not be a good idea. All I wanted was for power to return by 2:00, so I could watch the Pens.

[buzzer's getting a workout!]

Thankfully, power returned at a little after five pm. My sister had jumped in her car and was prepared to make the (normally) half-hour drive to our place, but when our lights came on, I grabbed my cell and called her. It buzzed in my hand -- she was calling me! Turns out the roads were still treacherous and she was sliding even on a main highway. So, all's well that ends well! We get to spend a rare Sunday at home, watching hockey and digging the vehicles out of their snowy prisons.

Some pics the daughter took: )


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