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That being said, at the moment, Cooke earns my white-hot wrath. He plays too close to the edge, and no matter how much talent he has or how well he does his job, once in a while he makes the dumbest decision possible.

All the media in the hockey world can talk about is head shots. All they want to know is when Sid will recover from his head shot-induced concussion and return to the lineup. So, of course, Matt Cooke will lose his mind and throw a People's Elbow into the face of Ryan McDonagh.

How could such a nice guy turn into such an awful excuse for a human being in milliseconds? By his thoughtlessness, he has heaped shame on an organization and on a fanbase that has shown him nothing but respect.

All I can think of to end my rant is an adulterated quote from Fast Times at Ridgemont High:

"You know, Matt Cooke, I always stick up for you. They say oh, Matt Cooke that cheapshot artist - and they say that a lot. I say oh, no you just don't know Matt Cooke. I mean when they call you an idiot, I say Matt Cooke's not an idiot. Well, you know something? Maybe they know you pretty good. Maybe I'm just starting to find out."


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